1. Read our About Page to see what we are going to do

2. If you are a veteran, decide which company you would like to join

HQ is responsible for steering the machine in the right direction, making decisions, running day to day activities and planning future operations.  The HQ consists of; the operations cell, the admin cell, the information technology cell,the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Cyber security cell, the marketing cell, the workplace health and safety cell, finance cell, fundraising cell, and the construction manager.

A Coy is responsible for all “children’s activities” including school camps for up to 150 children run weekly, (Wednesday – Friday)  providing SE Queensland kids the best fun filled adventure, run by veterans for the next generation.  Each school will be allocated a number of vouchers provided by corporate sponsors ensuring that no child gets left behind.

A Coy will also run SMEAC Veteran Youth, (SVY) and SMEAC Youth Justice, (SYJ) programs, ten day extreme youth adventure packages, run by veterans to secure the next generation.  Veterans Helping Veterans Helping The Next Generation.  Giving the veteran purpose and the youth direction.

B Coy, “adults” is responsible for running adult based training including corporate training, extreme corporate packages, functions, reunions and movie/zombie nights. 

Extreme events, Obstacle Course Racing, (OCR), Extreme Triathlons and Extreme Marathons, taking advantage of the 5 kilometer obstacle course, 500 meter High Rope Course and the Langley MUD facility.

The LANGLEY, Multi User Depot, (MUD).  will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the high rope course, low rope course, climbing wall and rappelling tower topped off by a DHC4 (Caribou Mock Up) parachute simulation exit tower all sitting high on top of two layers of interactive war museum.  
D Coy is SMEAC’s Training Company, responsible for running and overseeing all the courses, qualifications and training conducted within SMEAC.  D Coy will operate under guidance from CORE Security Training, SMEAC’s own veteran run RTO, ensuring that D Coy complies with all regulations and legislation. 

SPT Coy will be an extremely important sub unit that will attract a committed and dedicated exceptional person who will be responsible for providing support to both veterans and children.  The different cells within SPT Coy will provide  counselling support,social welfare support, drug and alcohol support including drug testing and veteran advocacy.  The SPT Coy Counseling support cell will be proactive especially in relation to the SMEAC Youth Justice, (SYJ) and the SMEAC Veteran Youth, (SVY) packages.  

SMEAC’s D Coy will run the applicable courses required to operate within SPT Coy.

In addition SPT Coy will eventually operate a veteran run drug rehabilitation programs for veterans run by recovered veterans.  

Admin Coy will contain the logistics cells that keep SMEAC operating including; Tech Support Cell, (Fixing stuff), Transport Cell, (Operating the vehicle fleet), Medic Cell, (Fixing people), and the Quartermaster Cell, (Telling you what equipment you can’t have).

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