Since 2001, around 41 Australian soldiers have been killed during the conflict in the Middle East”. “However, during the same time, around 600 veterans have taken their own life”.

Homelessness, family breakdowns, drug and alcohol abuse, self harm and acts of violence, physical and mental injuries all take their toll with a flow on effect cutting deep into the fabric of Australia’s society, costing the nation dearly.

These problems just won’t go away and frankly “they” don’t know how to solve them. All the while we are losing the cream of Australia’s crop in the meantime. $350 million injected into the veteran budget in 2017 didnt stop the suicides. Time to change strategy, no more fluff and bubbles, no more relying on the usual suspects to solve the problem. Time for a grassroot, practical and tangible solution. Time for SMEAC Inc.


SMEAC Inc. Is a not for profit grassroot veterans organisation determined to make a real difference to the health longevity and well being of veterans from all three services. SMEAC is about helping the rank and file to help themselves doing what they do best.

SMEAC is to establish Camp X-Ray, Australia’s first Veteran Transition Facility, (VTF), a 150 bed camp run and operated by veterans on the banks of Ewen Maddock Dam an hour north of Brisbane in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Who’s going to run this enterprise? Veterans, grassroot veterans. That vast untapped source of extremely well trained and experienced individuals often with multi millions of dollars spent training them only for them to be discharged and often thrown to the wolves. Where is the return of investment? Veteran cooks, veteran mechanics, veteran instructors, veteran medics, veteran directing staff, veteran maintenance, veteran padres and veteran clark’s you name it. Veterans Helping Veterans to help the next generation. One leg, no legs, PTSD, missing limbs, no problem!

No veteran and no child will ever be left behind.



  • (3R’s) Reconnecting, Reintegrating and Retraining by Providing Purposeful and Meaningful Employment
  • Veterans Helping Veterans to Help the Next Generation
  • A Hand Up Not a Hand Out
  • No Veteran and No Child Will Be Left Behind


The suffering can be every day, every hour and every minute. It can take place everywhere and can strike at any time. Reconnection, reintegration, retraining with purposeful, meaningful employment, in essence, Veterans Helping Veterans Helping the Next Generation, leaving minimal space in the veterans lives for the black dog to bark.



High rope courses, airborne rappelling from a mock blackhawk helicopter, simulated parachute exits from a mock DHC4, Caribou aircraft, obstacle courses, navigation, vertical rescue, amphibious operations,and lots lots more, sound like fun?

SMEAC is planning on running some pretty exciting activities and adventures, to do that takes structure, organisation, dedication and commitment. SMEAC does not apologise about creating an establishment loosely replicating the structure, organisation and procedures familiar to the veteran. Jobs, but not just jobs. Vets Helping Vets.



1. Read our About Page to see what we’re going to do

2. If you are a veteran, decide which company you would like to be a part of, what skills you have to offer and how you can best assist SMEAC in completeing this important mission

3. Join as a Member by filling in the form on the Membership page

4. If you would like to donate, click the Donate Now link. Every cent goes directly towards SMEAC’s cause.

5. Follow the link to our Facebook page, like and then share – share – share. It’s so simple but it will really help.

6. A massive thank you from all of us from SMEAC Inc for all of your support!


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