A brand new approach to an age old problem

“Did You Know”

“Since 2001 41 Australian soldiers have been killed during the conflict in the Middle East"

“However, during the same time, around 580 veterans have committed suicide”

What is SMEAC Inc?

We are a veteran owned not for profit association  committed to saving veteran lives by “Reconnection, reintegration, retraining with purposeful and meaningful employment”


Why SMEAC Inc?

Because to date no one has fixed the problem of the veteran suicide epidemic.  There are still many issues in regards to veteran general well-being that will benefit from this massive project.  Will we save everyone? Nope.  Will we try? Absolutely


Why Me?

Because this problem just won't go away and frankly "they" don't know how to solve it and we are losing too many great guys and girls in the process.  $350 million injected into the veteran budget in 2017 didnt stop the suicides.  Time to change strategy.  So why not you?


Know Your Enemy

The suffering can be every day, every hour and every minute. It can take place everywhere and can strike at anytime.  Reconnection, reintegration, retraining with purposeful, meaningful employment, leaving minimal space for the black dog to bark.


“Just one, is one too many!”

“But the Government don't even have a figure”

“What veterans need is a purpose”

“Veterans need a hand up not a handout”

“Mates looking after each others six”

“3 x R's and an E”

“Reconnection, Reintegration, Retraining, with meaningful and purposeful Employment”


Camp X-Ray, a 50 hectare disused school recreation camp, just under an hour north of Brisbane.  Camp X-ray will serve as the SMEAC headquarter, (HQ).  The process of securing Camp X-Ray has been a very long and exhaustive one, however, the help and support provided by the State Government, especially, Hon Stirling Hinchcliffe has been magnificent.

The provision of Camp X-Ray by the State Government will allow SMEAC Inc to achieve a state of the art facility benefiting not only veterans but the community as a whole.

“Veterans Helping Veterans”

Not for Profit

SMEAC Inc. Is a not for profit organisation determined to make a real difference to the health longevity and well being of veterans. There are are many veteran Ex Service Organisations, (ESO's), doing fantastic work supporting veterans, especially in the field of financial support and advocacy. SMEAC will work closely with these ESO's, but not be one of them.



SMEAC Inc. is about helping the veteran through, reconnection, reintegration, retraining with purposeful and meaningful employment. All manifesting a real sense of purpose through worthwhile connection and a reason for being. SMEAC's intent is to create an establishment loosely replicating structure and procedures familiar to the veteran. Not just jobs. Vets Helping Vets.


Employment Activities

Employment activities including Cert 3-4 fitness courses, weekly school camps, corporate training, corporate scenario based training, 500m high rope course, 5000m obstacle course, youth Packages, extreme races, extreme obstacle races, extreme triathlons, extreme marathons and the list goes on.


“To help the next generation”

“Looking after each other”

“Because the time for talking is over”

“Because One Is Too Many”

“Time to fight the good Fight. Support SMEAC Inc and Work together. ”

“Time to make this a reality”

“See you all in the trenches.”


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