Since 2000, around 41 defence personnel have been killed in action yet over the same period around 700 have died by their own hands. One is too many. SMEAC Inc is a veteran run not for profit association dedicated to Reconnecting, Reintegrating, Retraining by providing Meaningful and PURPOSEFUL Employment. Read more at and show your support by becoming a member at
Building of the week #3, (The Mess).
The mess building / conference centre is around 12m x 30m and capable of feeding 150 in one sitting. It has a full commercial kitchen and an amazing deck with views to the nor nth west overlooking the sunset over the magnificent Ewen Maddock Dam.
Once renovated the mess will be the cornerstone of the VTF enabling SMEAC to feed and water the troops in addition to running conferences, functions and events.
The mess naming rights are still available i.e., SMEAC’s “Your Company’s Name” Centre for around $300k which is the cost to get this building back into showtime pristine condition.
Traditionally the mess had a full licence which is in the councils notes and a definite possibility in the future allowing SMEAC to run corporate and veteran events and functions which in conjunction with our ability to sleep 150 will be a very attractive.
The mess will be the centre piece of the camp and all its activities and will be an amazing investment to any prospective conscience driven company’s name out to the world in an extremely positive and fulfilling way.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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SMEAC Inc. Strengths and Weaknesses
We do some things well and others…well? Not so well and up there with the not so well is beating our own drum and getting the info out there. If you are wondering why this is taking so long to pull off? Then get in queue behind me. I’m not sure that people understand how big this is going to be. How much is involved and the amount of work that is going into the creation of SMEAC Inc, Veterans Helping Veterans Helping the Next Generation and The Veterans Transition Facility, (VTF), behind the scenes.

Behind every amazing organisation there are always amazing individuals and none more so to SMEAC than Grant Palethorpe from Place 360. A call went out a while back for a Town Planner we had a couple who dipped their toes but not Grant, he threw himself into the dam up to his neck.
Grant is an amazing bloke who works tirelessly and has been relentless in his quest to get this over the line. Mate you have done and are doing an amazing job and for that from the bottom of our hearts we thank you.

If you are on the Sunshine Coast and need any Town Planning stuff done, honestly, give this man a call. He has done so much Pro Bono work for SMEAC and his work is top notch.

SMEAC is nearing the pointy end of the spear having had a massive win with our pre lodgement meeting with The Sunshine Coast Council. Basically, we have been granted by council that SMEAC will be able to run and operate all programs and activities that were submitted by SMEAC once we gain the lease from Seqwater. This is enormous and to be honest this was really the one big possible stumbling block.
I cannot wait to see you all out at the camp when we cross the LD and get the keys.
Grant you are a legend. Cheers mate.
SMEAC Inc. The Meetings Must Go On.
Last week SMEAC representatives had a meeting with Jason Hunt the State Member for Caloundra. Jase a veteran himself, having served in the 2nd / 14th, has always been a friend of SMEAC from the get-go and our meetings with him are always very productive. Oh and thanks for shouting the coffee.
I did write a post on this on the day but when I pushed submit Facebook collapsed and I lost it suffice to say that grounded my computer for a week as punishment. It’s just lucky that it wasn’t thrown from the second story.
Long story short this has been an extremely productive week and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.
Oh! and Stephen received 3 extras for not wearing the correct uniform.
Its been a massive week and finally i'm feeling as though this is all heading towards the finish line.
This has been such a massive slog and probably the biggest give me so far has been the councils response to SMEACS pre lodgement meeting. I am still pinching myself to how well this all turned out and the key person who made this all happen is Grant our town planner who has done an amazing job behind the scenes making this dream a reality.
A laid back guy who has become a great friend and massive part of maneuvering SMEAC through the minefield.
The photo is us showing Jimmy Mi Mi an old 1 RAR legend and a couple of Kiwi Veterans around the site and explaining what it is that we are going to achieve.
Great day...great people and although I might be biased a great cause. Veterans Helping Veterans Helping The Next Generation.
What is SMEAC about? Go to and get the picture.
Just x4 days to go and raffle is drawn....
Some great prizes and and an ever greater cause..
With every cent going into the SMEAC fighting fund.
veterans helping veterans
Helping the next generation
Get on it..!!!

Where to next?

Meet MUD

The flagship of the VTF, this multi level training centre includes abseiling facilities and a HUEY helicoptor!


The SMEAC Museum will be entered through a dimmed 20’ container which will provide a portal into a series of similarly blacked out labyrinth of dimly lit 40” containers.

Adventure Operations

The top floor will consist of a reproduction DHC4 Caribou mock up aircraft designed to replicate a parachute exit tower capable of dispatching a simultaneous stick of four paratroopers along a 200m long flying fox.