Since 2000, around 41 defence personnel have been killed in action yet over the same period over 1200 have died by their own hands. One is too many. SMEAC Inc is a veteran run not for profit association dedicated to Reconnecting, Reintegrating, Retraining by providing Meaningful and PURPOSEFUL Employment. Read more at and show your support by becoming a member at

For those interested in the upcoming Peacekeepers March and Ceremony....

28 May 2022

0930h meet @ King George Square to begin the March - March to Anzac Square for 1000h Ceremony start.

RSVP by email to or scan the QR code on the attached image.

***Please note this is not a SMEAC run event - we do not record RSVPs for this event - all RSVPs as above please.

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Camp SMEAC Overview,
Camp SMEAC is an old school camp neatly sandwiched between two hundred hectares of state forest and The Ewen Maddock Dam. Camp SMEAC is around a dozen buildings on fifty hectares of mostly bush land situated just north of the Glasshouse Mountains, eighty-two kilometres north of Brisbane and around 23 kilometres west from Caloundra.
What happens from here?
SMEAC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, (MOU), to satisfy Seqwater that:
• SMEAC can raise the required funding to complete project,
• SMEAC can successfully run the operation,
• Be able to conduct all construction works without detriment to the environment and the water quality of the Ewen Maddock Dam, and
• SMEAC can demonstrate that it has the structure, business skills and the ability to make this a viable, long-term commitment and enterprise.
We are down to the wire and are just awaiting flood reports before we submit the final submission.
SMEAC’s headquarters, The Veteran Community Hub, (SMEAC HQ), will operate hand in glove with Camp SMEAC providing SMEAC with an outstanding opportunity to help veterans.
The Veteran Community Hub situated in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, enables SMEAC the perfect location to run, operate and control all SMEAC’s operations including Camp SMEAC.
The Veteran Community Hub is an amazing complex situated in a centralised location that is perfectly suited and situated to tackling two persistent problems. Veteran transition, including veteran welfare, veteran suicide and veteran health and wellbeing. And the successful transition of our nation’s youth from young children through adolescence to capable functioning adults. Thereby giving them the best opportunity of being successful contributing members of our society. A Hand Up Not a Handout.
SMEAC will pay special attention to those, (Veterans and youth), who have found themselves, often with no fault of their own, marginalised from society, have fallen through the cracks, caught up using alcohol or illicit substances or interacting within the justice and youth justice systems.
This will be where two worlds collide.
No veteran or child should be left behind.
Reconnection, Reintegration, Retraining for Purposeful and Meaningful Employment.
Watch this space.


It's that time of the week to shout out a huge THANK YOU to one of you lovely lot!

This week The Team at SMEAC want to give a big THANK YOU and WELCOME to our newest Volunteer!!

🌟 MIA!! 🌟

Mia has joined the SMEAC Team just this week and is keen to kick goals within the Governance and Policies side of the house!

Mia brings with her a wealth of knowledge having worked with other NFP organisations in this area in the past as well as many years in administration in various different platforms.

Mia will be working out of The Hub so if you see her around make sure to say Hi and welcome her to the craziness that is SMEAC!

Thank you Mia!

Stay Safe everyone!

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Are you a wiz on Social Media?

With SMEAC growing in leaps and bounds our Socials are taking off and frankly I (Bek) can't keep up! 😫

So, we are looking for one or two people who are Social Media Savvy (mainly FB and Insta) to help out with the running of our Social Media Pages.

If you know a bit about how social media works (insights, page growth etc), like to create content, love being social online and are keen to volunteer some time each week we would love to hear from you! You can come into the Hub or help from home!

Send us a message now!

Come join the SMEAC Team! ❤️

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Mission: go to meet James Blundell at his property near Stanthorpe.
ENDSTATE: Sitting under a Suzuki sign at Warwick...lucky I've got good company and its all my fault I should have brought the RFSV.
Any vets in Warrick want to catch up for a beer? Ha
An awesome group to get behind (or even behind the wheel!) RSL Raemus Rover Off-Road Racing - helping Veterans using Adrenaline Therapy. Heaps of fun, great people, excellent connection for like-minded folk, and awesome supporters of SMEAC! 💪

Check 'em out! 👇👇👇

Where to next?

Meet MUD

The flagship of the VTF, this multi level training centre includes abseiling facilities and a HUEY helicoptor!


The SMEAC Museum will be entered through a dimmed 20’ container which will provide a portal into a series of similarly blacked out labyrinth of dimly lit 40” containers.

Adventure Operations

The top floor will consist of a reproduction DHC4 Caribou mock up aircraft designed to replicate a parachute exit tower capable of dispatching a simultaneous stick of four paratroopers along a 200m long flying fox.