Since 2000, around 41 defence personnel have been killed in action yet over the same period over 1200 have died by their own hands. One is too many. SMEAC Inc is a veteran run not for profit association dedicated to Reconnecting, Reintegrating, Retraining by providing Meaningful and PURPOSEFUL Employment. Read more at and show your support by becoming a member at
Healthy Body and a healthy mind make for a healthy veteran.
Rechelle, SMEAC's dietitian, is working out of the Hub every second Wednesday from 1300-1700h. if you think this would be good for you then Email Tim Langston at to get a referral to start your new life.
Dietitians are not just about weight loss its about a wholistic approach to a healthy life. Now there are dietitians and there are dietitians and Rechelle is definitely the latter. She knows her stuff and works predominantly only with veterans so she all over veteran specific problem, medication, and attention to our little drinking habits.
So, if you want to help SMEAC by providing these services to veterans and veteran families then please support us…now.
If you don’t have a Gold Card, then a standard Medicare Card will get you 5 visits…hint
So, let’s start on the new you its only a phone call away.
SMEAC, Veterans helping make Veterans betterer
Smeac Veterans Helping Veterans
Supported by The Mighty Dawn Patrol who are supporting SMEAC.
If your in Brisbane come along its a fantastic night.
The Dawn Patrol supporting SMEAC.
Last year these guys raised a check for $1000 that they donated to SMEAC and this year they are doing it all again in November.

I know these guys personally and yep they are an awesome bunch doing great stuff for civvy blokes
'Great men doing great things' in a similar vain to what SMEAC are doing for veterans.

If you can come along to a really fantastic night it is:
Friday 04 November
Sandgate Hawks footy club.

See you all there
I turned up to the SMEAC HQ yesterday, Thursday, to find the ‘SMEAC Hub Café’ pumping, Dennis the Advocate interviewing a veteran in our board room, a dozen or so fresh bodies forming small groups in our main area, Dr Judith with a patient in one of our clinical rooms with Tim our nurse practitioner with another patient in our other. We had Clem Russell (Ex RSM 2/4 RAR now level 4 advocate) holding court with 3 or so veterans at our computer area counter and to be honest the place was organised chaos and that’s not including Sarah our exercise physiologist doing her stuff with veterans in our SMEAC gym.
Over the last couple of days, we have been dealing with homeless vets, vets about to lose their homes, those attempting suicide and thankfully failing. We have dads who can’t see their kids, veterans who require financial support, veteran grandfathers trying to bring up ten-year-old grand kid pushing 70 with bugger all money and has done since the kid was three months old.
Anna our amazing barista said that yesterday was by far our most successful day yet and to top it off we had our old mate an ex Liberal Party politician (of 20 odd years’ service who even visited the troops in Vietnam twice) and awesome supporter of SMEAC who popped in for lunch with the gang.

We also had Andrew our computer genius spent three hours assisting us set up our SMEAC computer network…Squiddy you are a deadest legend, and I can’t thank you enough.
If you want to be a part of the veteran solution and not the problem then why not come over to the SMEAC Veteran Community Hub in Bowen Hills, have a brew and say G’day, utilise our services and catch up…Diggers can use their DVA entitlement, and civvies can use their Medicare card.
For those volunteering types we need a social worker, welfare advocates, DVA advocates and like all battles we require ammunition, (in the form of money, every bit counts regardless of how small the amount). If you’re an accountant and can help, then well what can I say and if you are sick of seeing my infrequent posts on Facebook and are a social media expert then stop bitching about me behind my back put your money where your mouth is and have me sacked.
This place is taking off faster than we could have ever expected and without the help of two charitable agencies and extremely supportive friends of SMEAC none of this would exist.
Its Friday night and I’m going home for a beer, stay safe and FFS look after each other
SMEAC’s Medical and Advocacy Team have appointments available for this week. Dr Judith SMEAC’s Veteran GP, Nurse Practitioner Tim a veteran himself and DVA Advocate Dennis also a veteran are taking bookings. Get in quick.

Copy one of the links below and paste into your browser - a calendar will open enabling you to book an appt.

For Dr Judith use:

For Tim Langston medical consult use:

For Dennis - advocate use:

Don’t worry that Tim’s name and face appears in each of the calendars. It’s because he set up the links - rest assured you will be booked in to the right person.

The SMEAC team.

Where to next?


Located in Bowen Hills, Brisbane. The Hub is a place where veterans and their families can come to get help and support to access the services they need.


The role of the Wellbeing Coach is to educate, guide and empower the veteran to take ownership of the DVA process.

Mobile Overwatch

SMEAC will achieve broader regional coverage through mobile teams that either live locally in the remote regions for which they have overwatch.

Rapid Response

Deploying teams of vets to help veterans in need and families in crisis.