Recognising the importance and vulnerability of Veterans



In Australia we seem slow to recognise the importance and vulnerability of Veterans returning from the Theatre of War. This has led to un-acceptable rate of suicide deaths of young men returning from service – generally through mal-adjustment to society.

The Veterans Transition Facility (VTF) is a wonderful opportunity to tackle this issue front on – with every returning Veteran attending a VTF, being required to undertake one of our Mind Health Assessment surveys. These Assessments are easy, take 20 minutes on a Cell Phone, are confidential and will be able to rate the Veterans Mental Health on a linear graph, which allows methodologies to be applied to their overall Mind Health Program.

The Asclepius™ Veteran Welfare Program VWP™

The Asclepius™ Veteran Welfare Program VWP™ & Mind Health Assessment Tool RSK™ are unique to SMEAC.

This Mind Health Assessment Tool (RSK™) is the first of its kind World-Wide and was developed in Australia as part of our focus on improving Mental Health Performance through clinically understanding and thereby, better managing the Mind Health of the individual. It is the only preventative mental health tool on the market – and thereby, helps to clinically recognise, manage and prevent episodes before they happen. Particularly suicide and suicide prevention.

The RSK™ Tool is a risk stratification methodology, put simply it measures an individual’s level of and sensitivity to a series of key indicators. It uses a scientifically developed “App” that meets three core functions.

VWP Core Functions

Firstly, as an MH Performance Tool its role is to maximise veteran mental health and wellbeing through monitoring and ensuring their needs and risks are understood and remediated for better reintegration into the community after cessation of their role.

Secondly, as a Risk Management Tool for the Government to ensure they minimise a Veterans exposure to risk, managing dysfunctional attitudes and behaviour and applying Preventative Health measures through screening.

Thirdly, as a Governance Program that provides a reporting function and overall Mind Health Program for returning Veterans.


SMEAC Inc. Is a not for profit grassroot veterans organisation determined to make a real difference to the health longevity and well being of veterans from all three services. SMEAC is about helping the rank and file to help themselves doing what they do best.


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