Prior to fronting at SMEAC each candidate will complete an online questionnaire which will form the basis of their SEC OPS personal file. During the initial interview a SMEAC councillor will go through this questionnaire with the member to confirm any points in regards to their current and future situation, health issues, interests and commitment. This will indicate to SMEAC the best possible pathway for the individual, ensuring the best initial outcome for both the member and SMEAC.

The outcome of the online questionnaire, the VWP assessment and the successful application of an issue of a Blue Card will clarify the members options for volunteering or future employment within SMEAC.


SMEAC will run a Regroup Package that is to be completed by all members of SMEAC including the Veteran Families program for those who wish to be employed by SMEAC.


Approximately 5 days

The Regroup 1 Package comprises of:

  • CHC34015 Certificate III in Active Volunteering
  • Driving Modules, TLIB2003, TLIC1051 and TLIC2025
  • First Aid Module, HLTAID003
  • Blue Card Application
  • VWP assessment



During the initial induction each veteran will receive a presentation on SMEAC, its structure, pathways, what’s on offer and opportunities to participate. They will then be asked to partake in an initial interview that will electronically lodge, into the SMEAC SEC OPS Database, their interests, accomplishments, requirements, offerings and desires including but not limited to the following;

  • Service history
  • Current situation
  • Specialist skills and qualifications including licences
  • Instructional experience and qualifications
  • Injuries, illnesses, restrictions and any other considerations
  • Status within DVA? Are they a client of DVA? or do they need assistance to apply or advocacy?
  • If they intend to be employed or volunteer within or external to SMEAC. What is their preferred career path?


Approximately 5 days

The Regroup 2 (R2) is the final component of the compulsory courses required to work or volunteer at SMEAC. R2 is essentially an advanced medical, first aid, course.

SMEAC understands that many veterans will have advanced medical skills, which will be identified during R1 and be dealt with on a case by case basis, i.e. an ambulance officer, doctor, or combat medic will more than likely be awarded an RPL for R2. R2 will be conducted in or around Camp X-Ray over a five-day period by qualified staff.


As R1 and R2 are compulsory components that will prepare the veteran for employment at SMEAC and must be completed or RPL’d before working or volunteering with SMEAC.

It is assumed that the cost to complete these modules be borne by DVA. Those who fall outside of DVA will be looked after on a case by case basis.

The successful completion of both R1 and R2 will ensure that all participants have been screened and where possible, assessed and issued with a Queensland Blue Card, have an advanced medical course and where applicable, been taught and assessed on first parade and safe operations in and around vehicles.