Camp X-Ray

“Camp X-ray”

Camp X-Ray

Camp X-Ray, was constructed in 1993 by the Caloundra City Council as a Federal Government initiative and opened in 1994.In 2008 when ownership of all of South East Queensland’s water assets were transferred to South East Queensland Water Authority (Seqwater), so to was Camp X-Ray . Since the camps commencement of operations, the area was leased and operated by a private company. This company went broke and the camp has remained empty ever since.This camp was built by tax payed funds for the taxpayer and now they are proposing using tax paid funds to demolish it. go figure.


Camp X-Ray Use

Camp X-Ray was predominantly used for school camps during the school year and private group bookings on weekends and during the school holiday period. Approximately 110 Queensland schools used Camp X-Ray each year as well as regular private groups including indigenous groups, sporting groups, car clubs, women’s groups, men’s groups, adventure racers and a variety of religious groups. Reportedly 4000-5000 people used Camp X-Ray each year. Reportedly, the majority of clients were repeat customers that had been using Camp X-Ray for many years.If you think that the TAG training center is mad, wait till you see what we have planned for this place.


Camp X-Ray Activities

Historically, groups were offered a range of activities including; high ropes courses, middle and low ropes courses, canoeing, kayaking, archery, raft building, orienteering, etc. All activities were, and will be, conducted under the supervision of qualified instructors.Accommodation options included:Cabins, Dormitories, Fixed tents, and Remote camping sites. The high rope course has been pulled down for OH&S reasons. SMEAC Inc has obtained professional quotes for the rebuilding of a 500 meter high rope adventure park alongside our our own 5km obstacle course. On one side of Camp X-Ray is a enormous lake and on the other side, 200ha of State Forest.


How It All Started

Camp X-Ray was discovered by us in around May 2018 and immediately followed up by SF Xperiences with the appropriate authorities. We, through a series of meetings and proposals, convinced the government that the demolition of Camp X-Ray was a wasted opportunity. And the camps retention would benefit not only the veteran community but the community as a whole.SMEAC commissioned, The Design Hub QLD, to provide a professional estimate, in regards to getting this operation up and running to a commercial standard. The estimated cost is between $1.4 and 1.6 million.Compared to the $350 million they spent in 2017… $1.6 million is a drop in the ocean.To think that The Federal Government can easily find $55 million to relocate five refugee families to Cambodia, maybe, $1.6 million to help those who have fought for those same politicians shouldn’t be so hard.


“50 hectares of prime training areas”

“150 pax dormitory capacity”

“Paid for by the Federal Government in 1988”

“Was destined for demolition”

Current Situation One

The camp property and its surrounding area is closed and completely out of bounds to the general public. The buildings have effectively been placed in mothballs albeit in surprisingly good condition. • All of the windows and doors have been boarded up, all beds, mattresses and furniture is intact and there is virtually no damage or vandalism whatsoever.Stomps


Current Situation Two

The power and water have been disconnected but preliminary enquiries have established that in the big picture this is relatively minor and reversible, • The high rope obstacle course has been lowered with most of the obstacles intact. SMEAC Inc. has a fellow veteran on standby who is an expert in the field of designing, installing and commissioning state of the art climbing and high rope infrastructure.Stomps


Current Situation Three

The maintenance in regards to the grass and surrounding area is well maintained, currently contracted out by Seqwater. Seqwater has secured taxpayer funding of $350,000 to demolish the camp. The current situation is that there has been a temporary stop put on the demolition by the State Government. They are considering a ministerial intervention whilst attempting to locate the funding required for the restoration of Camp X-Ray. This intervention will be for the betterment of not only veterans, children and adolescents but for all Australians.Stomps


“Only $1.6 million to make Camp X-Ray, veteran ready”

“Federal Govt spent $350 million on vet suicide prevention in 2017. Where did it go?”

“Time for outside the box, time for a new approach”

“SMEAC Inc and Camp X-Ray, the way forward”


Camp X-Ray, a 50 hectare disused school recreation camp, just under an hour north of Brisbane.  Camp X-ray will serve as the SMEAC headquarter, (HQ).  The process of securing Camp X-Ray has been a very long and exhaustive one, however, the help and support provided by the State Government, especially, Hon Stirling Hinchcliffe has been magnificent.

The provision of Camp X-Ray by the State Government will allow SMEAC Inc to achieve a state of the art facility benefiting not only veterans but the community as a whole.

“Time to make this a reality”

“SMEAC Inc and Camp X-Ray, the way forward”


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