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So far 41 have died on operations and 588 from suicide since 2001.  One is too many.

Let’s face it, nothing like this has been done before.  There are lots of ESO’s doing some really cool stuff out there but nothing as cool as this.

SMEAC Inc is a not for profit association of veterans dedicated to helping veterans to help themselves by reconnecting, reintegrating, retraining and  providing veterans with meaningful and purposeful employment.  

SMEAC Inc. is in the process of securing Camp X-Ray a 50ha property an hour north of Brisbane, a disused school camp with a full mess and a sleeping capacity for 150 pax.

Camp X-Ray is situated with a vast lake on one side and 200 ha of state forest on the other.  The camp will have a 500m high rope course, 5 km long obstacle course, 8m high climbing wall, 200m zip line and that will just be the beginning.  We are only bounded by our imagination and those who know Ray and Stomps know that theirs has no bounds. 

School camps. veteran for youth packages, youth justice programs, corporate training, extreme corporate packages, functions, reunions and movie/zombie nights.  Extreme obstacle racing, Extreme triathlons, Extreme marathons…and the list goes on…and on.

Whos going to run this monstrosity?  Well veterans that’s who.  That vast untapped source of experience, extremely well trained and in most cases discharged and thrown out with the rubbish.  Veteran cooks, veteran mechanics, veteran instructors, veteran medics, veteran directing staff, veteran maintenance, and veteran clark’s you name it.  Veterans Helping Veterans to help the next generation.

 Cert 4 fitness and later outdoor education funded by DVA which will form part of the gateway to becoming a SMEAC instructor.  This will ensure that SMEAC has a sound system for retraining and employing quality well trained staff. 

One leg, no legs, PTSD, missing limbs we don’t care and no veteran will be left behind.  We will partner with other veteran ESO’s organising advocacy, monitor progress, facilitating programs, basically veterans looking after veterans.  We will have our own bozer, mess, multiple gyms, and staff accommodation.

later we will operate drug rehabilitation programs run by recovering veteran addicts and suicide awareness programs by those who have been there.  TPI veterans can work 8 hours and volunteer whatever and we will actively encourage them to do so.

It is SMEAC’s intent to fly in instructors from all over the country straight into the Sunshine Coast airport to run all these activities.

So if you want to be part of something big, bloody big then now is your chance.  

$10 will buy you 12 ,months membership.

$30 will buy you 12 months membership and a SMEAC T-Shirt.

What will you get in return?  You will get the satisfaction of being part of something that will be massive, get 5% off all SMEAC merch and,when camp X-Ray is up and running, meals and activities, (some conditions apply).  You will also get exclusive invites to special SMEAC member only functions and events.

But most importantly you will be helping us to establish a facility with the sole purpose is to give veterans a purpose thereby giving them a real reason to live.  ENDSTATE taking veteran suicide and smacking it right between the eyes.

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