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From the moment a recruit arrives at the Recruit Training Battalion, (RTB), the Army immediately and skilfully, initiates an energetic program of team bonding and mateship between the recruits and their peers. Unlike the movies, the reality is that there is no place for an individual within this organisation.

This sense of belonging and sense of worth as a part of the team is fostered, strengthened and built upon right through the defence member’s career. From Initial Employment Training, (IET), to the section and then platoon, from the company to the battalion, the sense of belonging is by training and design. It is no accident it is created and it is for good reason.

Each member relies on the other for support during times of difficulty, be it in the barracks or on the battlefield. This sense of belonging is not insubstantial and it cannot be easily undone. It goes right to the core of every soldier; it is what the “combat veteran” in time of war rely on to keep each other alive.