Defence veterans are a highly trained unique subset of society. They generally have life experiences, the envy of most, with a readily transferable skill set that should be in the cross hairs of any astute organisation.


SMEAC has partnered with Core Security Training, a veteran run and owned RTO, who is developing a suite of ASQA recognised courses exclusively for SMEAC. These courses are aimed directly at the veteran’s rehabilitation and return to meaningful and purposeful employment.


The veteran’s skills, qualifications and experience will be assessed against the national training framework so that any applicable practical and useful RPL that can be applied, will be. Upon arrival, an online competency log book will be raised and regularly maintained and updated by the D Coy Training Cell.


SMEAC will utilise the Camp X- Ray infrastructure, accommodation, training areas and facilities to best provide veterans the opportunity to undertake productive, meaningful formal training. This will place the veteran in the best position to gain purposeful and meaningful employment.

These employment positions will be sought utilising SMEACs network, both, within and external to SMEAC taking into consideration any physical and mental limitations.


Prior to fronting at SMEAC each candidate will complete an online questionnaire which will form the basis of their SEC OPS personal file. During the initial interview a SMEAC councillor will go through this questionnaire with the member to confirm any points in regards to their current and future situation, health issues, interests and commitment.



In Queensland, only those who have been vetted and issued with a current Queensland Government Blue Card are legally allowed to volunteer or work with or around children. SMEAC will, as part of the R1 package, lodge the Blue Card application for approval. All Blue Card approvals and rejections will be lodged into the SMEAC SEC OPS Database and be monitored and updated in accordance with the appropriate legislation.

Those who have not been cleared for other reasons such as for drug possession, assaults or like will be cleared to work in the adult activities on a case-by-case basis such as; Adult only events, B Coy (Corporate Activities), construction, vehicle or equipment maintenance or many of the other taskings or events that do not involve children.